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Material Poetry

Updated: May 2, 2023

From virtual to real....

Sense emerges when we are able to bring out specific meaning of materials used in our buildings. A mere touch of wood or concrete can change the temperature of the space as a whole. The decision of using the apt material plays a vital role in bringing to life our conceptualisation of the space.

Poetry of Materials

Materials can assume a poetic quality in the context of an architectural object” said Peter Zumthor. Indeed! It is truly gratifying and magical when materials assist to convert thoughts and emotions into tangible forms. Adding materials to a space is like pouring colours onto a blank canvas and it turn into a story for its patrons to interpret and believe.

The Tangible .....

The materials used in a space, reflect its qualities as a tangible representation. The choice of materials plays a key role in setting the ambient mood for any space ,as they appeal directly to the senses and instincts of the human psyche.

Rather than an abstract explanation that may or may not be fully understood, the raw existence of materials helps reveal to the the user, the intrinsic qualities of the space.

The Constant Quest

Meanings of materials change with context. It is the contrast between the pure materials that brings out the true meanings of materials. Pure materials can invent harmonies, melodies and rhythms.....Materials give structures their presence.

Glass ........the ethereal....

Glass, the minimalist material that reflects/ absorbs/ filters light throughout the space. It is there , yet not there. Only when one observes carefully can one avoid tresspassing it intrigues through its various reflections which when felt, can be magical and completely illusional. Glass and its many facets create psychedelic experiences in a space. It absorbs the changing light of the sky, the haze of the lake, it reflects light and colour and gives an intimation of its inner life of a spce according to the angle of vision, the daylight and the weather.

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