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The objective was the optimum usage of available space, creating a relaxed environment with non-obtrusive walls and ceilings. The hustle-bustle and the mad rush of the metro city is transformed into a serene and peaceful space once the client enters the spa.

We used a number of different elements beginning from intelligent lighting effects, interesting screens, mirrors across; the calmness and serenity thus achieved infatuate one and all. Intricately designed fretwork screens were introduced to create space for foot massage zones.   

One cannot miss the white on white wall features and the warm white light washes on it; this creates magic infusing life to the reception area partition. The differentiated fretwork on the ceiling lends continuity to design across all spaces and zones. This project though, done in the initial part of our journey, still remains one of our best and very close to our heart. 


Thai spa


Saket, New Delhi

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