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The store design reinforces and celebrates the simplicity of an assumed luxury rugs brand and the sincerity of its beliefs. We transformed the vernacular to make it luxurious and opulent, yet incredibly grounded and evocative of the modest upbringing of the artisans who toil behind the scenes. Seamless transition is the most important feature in the hierarchical sequence of spatial layers, with several in- between realms that incorporate symbolic as well as functional qualities of the vernacular from the state of Rajasthan. Five separate sections are arranged in modular proximity along the central axis as per their functional and symbolic significance. The design makes an extra effort to create an immersive sensory experience that recreates profound memories for the user. The space aims to create a museum-like retail experience, which, by virtue of its programme and design, nurtures an ecosystem for the artisans to thrive.


Entry Design competition - Conceptual flagship store - luxury rugs



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